This you tube show is run by 4 girls all under the age of 13. You're probably thinking no way 4 girls under the age of 13 couldn’t shoot videos, edit them, upload them, make fake commercials AND make a website. Well they can. I know because I’m one of them they call me Abby Apple Fri (age 12). I told you we were under 13. I’m the one who does all the editing, uploading and camera stuff. The others (two 10 year olds and a 9 year old) get to eat the food, give comments, scores and help me do commercials. Did I mention I was the host too?

Any way we have a TON of fun doing this but its also a lot of hard work! Add that to the list of chores, home work, school, sleep, And WOW I have busier schedule then I thought plus I have to have some fun right? See what I mean? NEVER underestimate the power of little girls. EVER.

Our You Tube Channel has already had over 145 views from the past 2 months. More if we had better advertising we sick to posters around the neighborhood and cups that say "watch the fast food Olympics on you tube" glued on them at lemonade stands. (That was our best idea and we raised $44.77 to donate to charity) We aren't ALL Business.

Hope you like our show and watch anytime plus keep posted for new ones each week or 2 (we're busy like I said)

- Abby Apple Fri